- We are Koncho Verona

The inexpressible freedom of art and femininity in motion. By women, for women, Koncho Verona encourages females of all ages and nationalities to embrace the outdoors and connect with each other and their urban environment through the unique junction of skateboarding and art.

Celebrating everyday women in motion, our limited-edition skateboard transition decks and cruisers feature original artwork from prominent Australian female artists Anya Brock, Carla McRae and Jodee Knowles.

Koncho Verona

Refusing to subscribe to preconceived notions of femininity and masculinity, Koncho Verona deconstructs stereotypes about women in skateboarding and what it means to be brave, rebellious and bold.

Believing a woman can retain her femininity while also being a force to be reckoned with in the world outside her doorstep, Koncho Verona is the ultimate expression of female freedom and independence.

No longer content to sit on the fringe of a sport traditionally dominated by males, Koncho Verona brings an inclusive lifestyle to the scene that is just as much about grabbing your girlfriends and rolling down the street for a coffee as it is about doing aerials and tricks at the local skatepark.

Inclusive, accessible and not difficult to learn, skateboarding can be done anywhere there is concrete - along ocean paths, in car parks or through urban public spaces - promising the discovery of constructed areas in imaginative ways. Igniting adrenaline, sparking joy and instilling confidence, skateboarding is a meditative state of pure bliss where you are completely present in the moment with your friends and with your community.

Featuring lots of surface area and robust wheels designed to traverse uneven urban landscapes, our cruiser decks are constructed from the finest Canadian maple and are perfect for beginner or intermediate skaters. Embodying a sense of fearless liberation through movement, our wall mounted transition decks are counterculture pieces of art to live by.

A firm believer in women supporting women, Koncho Verona wants to give back by supporting causes that further champion female empowerment.  We hope to make an announcement soon on an exciting collaboration where a percentage of profits from the sale of Koncho Verona boards go directly to improve the lives of women and the community in which they live.

So kick off your fears, step away from the norm, grab your girlfriends and go for a roll.