– Meet the Artists




Describe the concept behind your limited-edition artwork for Koncha Verona.
My design is about the cocoon of trust, safety and love that comes with sisterhood. Two women are posed arm in arm, looking defiantly over their shoulders at you. Are they dancing? Walking in protest? Sharing a secret joke in a private language? Two hearts pumping dopamine in unison. I dare you to mess with them!  

What do you feel when you are on a skateboard?

When I ride a skateboard now, it's usually with my young nephews when I go back to the town I grew up in. Riding up and down a smooth suburban bitumen road, seeing how fast we can go and turning in big cruisy arcs at the ends of the street. I feel totally free and joyous - so energised, I usually can't stop smiling.

Carla Mcrae Koncho Verona SKateboard

How have women supported you in your career?
I've been very lucky to be surrounded by lots of strong and inspiring women artists, designers and creatives here in Melbourne who really keep me pushing. It's important in a male-dominated industry like the arts for us to be able to look to each other to share stories, knowledge, goals and dreams - and to look out for one another! The support and encouragement from these women keep me motivated to do better all the time.

How can people overcome their fears?
In my experience, fears can only be conquered by facing them. Doing a big run up, tackling them head-on, and preparing for a face-plant. 

How do visual arts express what words cannot say?
You can convey an idea in a way that less defined - more nuanced and open. Colours, forms and metaphor can convey an emotion or a mood in an instant, but that work will still be processed differently by each person, seen through the filter that is a person's individual experience.

Skating makes me feel free - so energised and i usually can't stop smiling.