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Describe the concept behind your limited-edition artwork for Koncha Verona.
The palm tree sunglass girl I feel has always had that coastal vibe so I thought it would be perfect for how Kristi feels about skating; and the limited edition print is a bit softer and sensitive but still has a quiet power about it.

Why is the combination of skateboarding and art so compelling?
I think the combination of art and anything is compelling but I think skateboarding and art share a certain rebellion that is both THRILLING and courageous.


Anya Brock

How is living with art such an important expression of a person?
I find it weird that as a society we’ve become so disconnected from creativity in general. “I’m not creative” is such a common statement but everyone is creative- we’ve just narrowed “creative” down to visual arts, music, writing and dance. Living creatively is just problem solving. ANYWAY- sidetracked. It’s important because creativity is life force. That release is as important for mental health as diet and exercise is to the physical body. Without it we are pressure cookers and that pressure, if not released flows over into other areas of life. We over- consume other things to fill the hole that not creating has left. In the words of Brené Brown "Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame."

What does the push-pull between femininity and masculinity mean to you?
I think that’s the balance within us all that we have to manage in different relationships and especially the relationship with our partner. Feminine energy is typically maternal, soft, cyclical and creative and male is pragmatic, energetic, linear and solid but I believe everyone has all of those aspects within them. I think it can be less push- pull and more harmonious if we can employ the right trait where needed.

How have you been fearless?
I think being unaffected by what others think is fearless and I think just creating anything is fearless.

Skateboarding and art share a certain rebellion that is both thrilling and courageous